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    Rules and Facts

    Please be sure to read the complete “Terms and Conditions of Sale” for our celebrity pictures, “Guide for Prospective Bidders,” and related information about celebrity autographs for sale presented below. The rules of the auction are designed to encourage and reward bidding.

    Terms and Conditions of Sale

    Shipping: uses United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail to handle all domestic shipping within the continental United States. All celebrity pictures are shipped via Priority Mail with delivery confirmation tracking. Our shipping fees for 8" x 10" photographs, sheet music, guitar pickguards, animation cels and original sketches are $9.00 for the first item won and $1.00 for each additional celebrity autograph won during the same auction. With this service, there is no signature required, and the package will be left at the location if no one is at the home or business to receive it. A tracking number for your package will be e-mailed to any winning bidder upon request. Should you require any other shipping method, please send an e-mail to prior to payment, so another shipping method can be secured. Additional fees may apply. Winning bidders must provide a valid street or P.O. Box address in order to receive their auction merchandise. International shipments outside the continental United States will be sent via USPS First Class Mail. International shipping fees for 8" x 10" photographs, sheet music, guitar pickguards, animation cels and original sketches are $17.50 for the first item won and $1.00 for each additional celebrity autograph won during the same auction. An additional $10.00 shipping fee will be applied to all domestic orders for 11" x 14" photographs, 16" x 20" photographs, movie posters and concert posters. An additional $20.00 shipping fee will be applied to all international orders for 11" x 14" photographs, 16" x 20" photographs, movie posters and concert posters. An additional $35.00 shipping fee will be applied to all domestic and international orders for record albums, drumheads, and guitars. Registered bidders can confirm their shipping information is correct or update it by logging in to the “My Account” section of this site.

    Payments Methods:

    Payments can be processed via this site using either PayPal or a valid credit card. Payments via PayPal should be sent to We also accept personal checks. Checks are held until funds are collected, which takes 7-10 business days. It may take up to an additional 7-10 business days after funds have been collected before shipment of celebrity pictures will occur. We also accept cashier’s checks, certified checks and money orders. These forms of payment are registered immediately and shipment of the celebrity pictures occurs 7-10 days after posting. Checks can be mailed to Autograph Store, 370 West Pleasantview Ave. #256, Hackensack, NJ 07601.

    Payment of Invoices:

    Invoices for celebrity autographs will be e-mailed to winning bidders the day following the auction. Please do not call or e-mail our office regarding invoices prior to the day after the auction closes. All invoices must be paid within two weeks of the invoice date. This term of sale is very important, as prompt payment of auction invoices is essential to an orderly reconciliation of the auction. Any bidder who has not paid for their celebrity pictures in full without having made prior arrangements for late payment will have future bidding privileges revoked.

    Starting Bids: believes what makes a good auction is quality material and reasonable starting bids that reflect the value of the celebrity autographs for sale. The vast majority of the minimum bids in our auctions are extremely low. In fact, most starting bids represent only between 10% and 50% of fair market value for the items. The purpose of the minimums in all’s auctions is simply: 1) To limit inquiries to those bidders who are sincerely interested in a given item, and 2) To ensure that virtually all lots will be sold. We never use a reserve in any of our auctions.

    Bidder Registration:

    If you are not currently a registered bidder, you can find out more about the registration process and register to bid online on our celebrity autographs for sale by clicking here or on the “Register” button found at the top of each page. To complete your registration process, you will need to provide basic information, such as your name and address. If you have bid with us before, you are already eligible to bid in our auction. Your username and password will remain the same. If you do not remember your username and password, a new one can be issued by clicking the “Forgot Your Password?” link. For registration, bidding or technical questions, please e-mail

    Guide for Prospective Bidders

    Placing Bids:

    We strongly urge bidders to place initial bids on celebrity pictures early. Bids are welcomed and encouraged anytime before the closing date of the auction, but most successful bidders choose to place their initial bids several days before the closing dates.

    Bid Notifications Via E-mail:

    You will receive bid confirmations and outbid notifications via e-mail on every celebrity autograph for which you are bidding, except when you are immediately outbid upon placing your bid due to an existing higher ceiling bid. In this case, you will be notified on your computer screen. It has been our experience that many Internet service providers and e-mail programs will randomly identify these e-mails as spam, deleting them or delaying delivery. As this is out of our control, we are unable to rectify this issue. We strongly recommend users track their bids directly on, as we cannot guarantee timely delivery of notification e-mails through many ISPs.

    Max Bids (Up To, Ceiling or Limit Bids):

    Max Bids (sometimes called Up To, Ceiling or Limit Bids) are an option when bidding on celebrity pictures with When placing such a bid, you are instructing to competitively bid on your behalf up to, but not over, a given limit. Such bids must be calculated in the appropriate 10% increments for items bid up to $1,000.00 to ensure other bidders are not being outbid by less than the appropriate bidding increment. automatically calculates these increments for you. Please note that the Max Bid increments that will appear for an item will skip an increment to prevent a bidder from occupying two consecutive bids. For example, if a bid of $100.00 is placed, the first available Max Bid will be $121.00, skipping $110.00, as an increment must be left available for another bidder to enter his or her bid. The bidding system will automatically execute Max Bids immediately after a bid with a Max Bid has been topped. Remember, all bids must comply with the minimum bid raise rule.

    Straight Bids:

    Bidders may also place a Straight or Absolute Bid on celebrity pictures. A Straight Bid is defined as a bid placed at a level higher than the current next incremental bid. All straight bids must be placed in appropriate increments for the specific lots to which they apply. In the event of tie bids, the earlier received bid will take precedence. This is especially significant with reference to Straight Bids because if a Straight Bid is placed at a higher than normal incremental increase on an item on which another bidder has left a Max Bid, the Max Bid will have priority. For example, if a lot is bid at $100.00 by Bidder A with a Max Bid of $121.00, and Bidder B attempts to top the current high bid of $100 with a Straight Bid of $121.00, then Bidder A’s Max Bid will automatically be executed and Bidder A will be the high bidder at $121.00. Bidder B will be informed that he is not the high bider at $121.00, and that the next bidding increment is $133.00. In this way, the bidding process can accommodate bidders wishing to place Straight Bids, while not compromising the bidding strategies of Max Bidders.

    Auction Results:

    Full auction results for all our celebrity pictures and memorabilia are available immediately following the close of the auction on Complete auction results will be e-mailed to all winning bidders for the items they have won.

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